In Sønderborg Municipality, you have the opportunity to live the life you want. Whether that’s slow or fast-paced, the choice is yours – we offer both vibrant urban life and idyllic village life.

Family life

You can of course find every conceivable form of housing – from detached houses, terraced houses and apartments to exclusive homes and architectural gems. Or you can create your dream home and build your own dream house on one of the many beautifully situated plots by the coast and forest. Sønderborg Municipality has a large stretch of coast that extends from Flensburg Fjord and Alssund to the Little Belt. Several towns and villages are located by or close to the water. So there’s ample opportunity to find homes with a view of the water in Sønderborg Municipality. Like the water, nature is always within easy each.

Sønderborg is the main town, while the towns of Broager, Nordborg, Gråsten and Augustenborg are slightly smaller. There are also many small villages, which are organised in an active village association where the emphasis is on helping your neighbours and developing close communities.

Buy a home in Sønderborg

If you’re looking to buy a property here in Sønderborg Municipality, house prices are below the regional and national average, and significantly lower than in the capital area. Furthermore, the costs associated with owning a property are also significantly lower than in the metropolitan area.

Build a house in Sønderborg

If you’re interested in building your own home, Sønderborg Municipality has a wide range of beautiful building plots throughout the municipality.

Rent a home in Sønderborg

Sønderborg Municipality has a wide range of housing associations, and with most of them job movers can opt to go on a separate waiting list. This means that as a newcomer who has a job with a private employer, you move higher up the waiting list if your employer is willing to provide a guarantee to the housing association in question.