With more than 3,000 companies in the municipality, the chances of starting a successful career here are high.

Work life

Numerous employment prospects in Sønderborg

Sønderborg offers plenty of opportunities for the next step in your career. Whether you work in the service sector, social healthcare or sales, the city always has exciting and wide-ranging job opportunities to offer in both the public and private business sectors, from production to innovation, from store operations to construction.

Within the technology sector, Sønderborg is known for housing several innovative companies working with advanced technologies in green energy, automation, and industrial solutions. Companies like Danfoss and Linak have their headquarters in Sønderborg, often offering exciting job opportunities in engineering, product development, and production.

Tourism also plays a significant role in Sønderborg’s economy as the city is beautifully situated by the coast and boasts a rich cultural heritage. There are job opportunities in the hotel and restaurant industry and cultural institutions like Sønderborg Castle and Alsion, attracting visitors from both domestic and international locations.

Sønderborg also hosts the University of Southern Denmark, offering education in various fields. This creates job opportunities in teaching, research, and administrative roles.

For those aiming to work in the public sector, Sønderborg Municipality is a major employer, offering jobs in healthcare, schools, administration, and other community-related areas.

Apart from the mentioned sectors, there are also available jobs in Sønderborg in trade, service, transportation, and many other areas. The diversity in Sønderborg’s business community and its attractiveness as a place to live make it an appealing spot for job seekers.

Find your next job in Sønderborg

You can find vacant positions in Sønderborg and upload your resume to various job databases.

For instance, you can take a look at Sønderborg Municipality’s website, where you can get an overview of all vacant positions in the municipality. These range from managerial positions to apprentice roles and cover jobs in administration, case handling, kitchen and cleaning, social and health care, technical and environmental fields, and education. There’s ample opportunity to find and apply for jobs in your area of interest. You can even subscribe to Sønderborg Municipality’s Job Agent, which notifies you as soon as there is an available position matching your preferences.

You can also find available jobs in Sønderborg on platforms like Jobnet and Jobindex. These platforms offer a wide range of job opportunities in Sønderborg and the surrounding areas. They are reliable resources to help you find the right job openings in Sønderborg.

Moreover, the two educational institutions, the University of Southern Denmark and Business Academy Southwest, have their own job banks, SDU Jobteaser and EASV Jobbank, offering jobs to both job seekers and students. Here, you can find jobs matching the skills you acquire at SDU and EASV, as well as assistance with resumes and applications, whether you’re seeking your first student job or first job as a professional.

Last but not least, you can upload your resume to Puls Human Relations, which maintains close relationships with recruiting companies. Here, you can also view their current vacant positions at some of the largest companies in Sønderborg.

With the many available opportunities, there are good chances of finding your dream job in Sønderborg.

Are you an Academic?

AC-Match is a job database for academics seeking work in the Southern Jutland area. It’s a collaboration between job centers in Southern Jutland to assist unemployed academics in finding jobs. Get your CV on AC-Match and become more visible to local companies. Contact the Job Center for further information.

Does your partner need a job?

Join Sønderborg’s partner job scheme, which helps match your skills with vacancies in Southern Denmark. Newcomer Service Sonderborg might be able to help match your competencies with available career positions in South Denmark. Additionally, we can assist you in developing your network, investigating career options and helping with job search in the Sonderborg area.

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