In Sønderborg, there are plenty of opportunities to find commercial leases and offices that offer modern facilities and strategic locations for the varied needs of businesses.

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Commercial property and offices in Sønderborg

With its blend of historic charm and modern innovation, Sønderborg offers a range of attractive commercial and office space options that cater to the different needs and sizes of businesses. The city has a varied selection of commercial property ranging from modern office spaces to industrial areas and retail premises.

Commercial leases in Sønderborg include modern office facilities, located centrally or in business parks that offer a stimulating environment for businesses. These spaces can be customised to suit the needs of the business and can include facilities such as meeting rooms, common areas and advanced technological solutions.

In addition to office space, Sønderborg also offers industrial commercial property suitable for production and storage facilities. These areas have good transportation links and infrastructure that are crucial for companies’ logistics and distribution needs.

For retail businesses and shops, there are a number of attractive premises in the city centre and in commercial areas that offer the opportunity to reach a wider customer base.

Sønderborg has an advantageous location with easy access to Germany and the rest of Denmark. The city has a dynamic business environment supported by a wide range of companies and institutions, making it an attractive place for companies to establish themselves.

Offices and desks for startups and entrepreneurs

With a focus on supporting startups, Sønderborg offers modern office facilities and coworking spaces. The locations adapt to individual needs and offer flexible solutions ranging from single desks to private offices, making it ideal for smaller companies or startups.


Alsion is home to the University of Southern Denmark and a number of technology companies, but also offers office rental options. With state-of-the-art facilities and an innovative environment, it’s an attractive location for companies in technology, research and education.

Coworking spaces

In addition to traditional offices, Sønderborg also offers a growing number of coworking spaces. These spaces are ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses that want a flexible working environment, access to networks and resources without the traditional obligations of long-term rental agreements.

Business premises for established companies

Sønderborg has a wide range of business premises and industrial estates to suit companies in different sectors. For example, these are areas that house industrial and manufacturing companies and offer suitable facilities and rental options for this type of business.

There are several municipal and private landlords offering different sizes and types of office space for rent in Sønderborg.

To find the best solution for your business, it is a good idea to contact property agents or landlords directly or the various shared offices or parks to get more information about available offices, prices and facilities.

Are you looking for commercial or office space in Sønderborg?

Whether it’s expanding your business, setting up a new branch or starting a new business, Sønderborg offers a varied selection of commercial leases and offices to meet different business needs and contribute to your company’s success.

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In Sønderborg, there are also plenty of opportunities to build your business from the ground up. Read more about available commercial plots here.