Sønderborg has a vibrant and forward-looking business community, which is mostly concerned with the green transition. There’s plenty of room for anyone who wants to make the most of the benefits of being an internationally oriented municipality in the borderlands – whether you want to build a business or hold a conference.

Work life

There are many benefits to running a business or holding a conference in Sønderborg. For example, the city has well-developed and well-functioning infrastructure, with an airport and daily flights to Copenhagen and a motorway connection to the E45. So whether you’re arriving or departing, your journey will always be quick and smooth, which is a benefit if you have employees who commute or conference guests who need to find their way here.

An internationally oriented environment

Sønderborg is known for being an internationally oriented environment; people from 120 different nations live and work here, and we’re right on the border with Germany and the rest of Europe, with whom we have a strong partnership. The University of Sønderborg is English-speaking, and half of the students come from abroad, which makes it the most international campus in Denmark. And the university and the business community have a tradition of working closely together; research, innovation and access to a well-educated workforce are all right on the doorstep, which is a real strength when 60% of companies’ work is related to the green transition – and when the municipality’s goal is to become carbon-neutral by 2029.


With more than 3,000 companies in the municipality, the chances of success are good when you start your career here.

Home to ambitious businesses

Sønderborg is home to the ambitious national energy collaboration, Energy Cluster Denmark, which develops new technologies, products, and systems for efficient energy management.

Moreover, Sønderborg also holds a global leadership position in mechatronics, intelligent products that integrate mechanics, electronics, and software.

The business community in Sønderborg comprises a few large global corporations and a substantial number of medium-sized and small companies, with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit. This is largely due to the municipality’s orientation toward the needs of the business community.

There are continually attractive business sites available for sale, and the municipality’s business service can provide guidance on everything from building applications to environmental regulations. Additionally, there are robust networks connecting businesses across the area.

Are you aiming to construct, expand, or evolve?

In Sønderborg’s business community, you can build, grow, or develop your company as you wish – it’s also an inspiring place to hold your corporate events.

There’s a strong tradition here of hosting conferences on both large and smaller scales. You’ll find modern conference facilities for up to 1000 participants, a professional set-up for both Danish and international events, and plenty of opportunities for company visits and professional presentations on sustainability and green solutions.

Finally, Sønderborg is just a delightful place to be – here, we’re close to nature and to each other.”