Sønderborg is closer to the rest of Denmark than you think – fly to Copenhagen in just 35 minutes, take a shortcut with the ferry from Funen, or enjoy the journey from several destinations by train.

Work life

As a central hub in southern Denmark, Sønderborg offers a wide range of transport options that connect you to both domestic destinations and nearby Europe. Whether you live here and need to travel to meetings around the country or receive guests from the rest of Denmark or Europe, getting to and from Sønderborg is as easy as pie.

Well-developed transport infrastructure in Sønderborg

Sønderborg’s transport infrastructure is designed to facilitate efficient travel to and from the city. With a well-developed network of public transport, a convenient ferry connection, an accessible airport and good road connections, Sønderborg has all the necessary prerequisites to connect residents and visitors to both the rest of the country and abroad.

Public transport

Sønderborg has an efficient network of public transport that provides you with easy access to train, bus, and ferry connections. With a well-developed bus network, there is easy and quick access to other cities in the region, and with the Als ferry you can take a shortcut to Funen with several daily departures between Fynshavn and Bøjden. Additionally, there are frequent trains departures and bus services to and from major cities like Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Hamburg every day, making it easy to get around in the entire country.


Our nearby airport, Sønderborg airport, offers direct and daily connections to Copenhagen, from where you can easily continue your journey worldwide. With quick and convenient flights of just 35 minutes, you can easily reach your business meetings or welcome your guests from all over the world.

Sønderborg airport has also given wings to its ambitions, as the airport will be renovated and modernised over the coming years for more than 212 million DKK, making it future-proof with a strong sustainable footprint.

Getting around by car

For those who prefer to drive themselves, the Sønderborg motorway connects you directly to the E45, from where you can drive down to Europe or further up into Denmark. Sønderborg also offers a selection of reliable car rental companies, giving you the freedom to explore the region at your own pace. With well-maintained roads and good connections, it is a convenient way to travel to and from Sønderborg.

Environmentally friendly transport options

Sønderborg focuses on environmentally friendly transport options. The city is committed to promoting cycling as a sustainable alternative. There are bike paths around the city, making it safe and easy to get around on two wheels. There are also initiatives for e-bikes and electric vehicles, underscoring the city’s commitment to green mobility.