Closer than you think
GOTO Sønderborg

Adapting to Danish culture has not always been easy, but for this French family, life in Sønderborg has nevertheless led to greater well-being and a better work-life balance. Today, they would think long and hard if they were offered the chance to move their home and career away from Sønderborg.

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Study life

International student fell in love with Sønderborg after exchange visit

It was the city’s vibrant international campus life that appealed to Lithuanian Arnas Serva during an exchange visit to Sønderborg. That was two and a half years ago, and today he is in the fifth semester of the Mechatronics programme at SDU. His big goal is a career with one of Sønderborg’s leading companies when he graduates as an engineer.

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Dissertation got Frederik his dream job

When you study in Sønderborg, you’re surrounded by career opportunities. The city boasts a unique collaboration between the university and the business community, which means that you can complete e.g. final year projects and dissertations with a company. That’s what Frederik Lund did and it led him directly to his dream job.

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Discover what life is like in Sønderborg

Sønderborg is Denmark’s 16th largest municipality and the “capital” of Southern Jutland. Around 75,000 people live here – but there’s room for more, especially those looking for a place where they can be close to nature, other people and the rest of the world.

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