Closer than you think
GOTO Sønderborg

It wasn’t Sønderborg’s beautiful nature that made the difference to married couple Stine Paulsen and Nicolaj Gottlieb. They already lived in the scenic Virum, with its easy access to lakes and forests. They love Sønderborg’s unique coastal landscape now that they live here, but that wasn’t what clinched the deal either. What made them sell their terraced house in Virum and move back to Sønderborg, where they both grew up, was the quality of life and the opportunity to commute and be close to family, not to mention the slower pace of life and the opportunity to be more present.

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Work life

Destilleriet Als on wild growth adventure

Sønderborg provides excellent conditions for entrepreneurs to develop and grow. For Destilleriet Als, the business opportunities have resulted in a doubling of revenue every year since they embarked on their adventure back in 2018.

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Dissertation got Frederik his dream job

When you study in Sønderborg, you’re surrounded by career opportunities. The city boasts a unique collaboration between the university and the business community, which means that you can complete e.g. final year projects and dissertations with a company. That’s what Frederik Lund did and it led him directly to his dream job.

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Discover what life is like in Sønderborg

Sønderborg is Denmark’s 16th largest municipality and the “capital” of Southern Jutland. Around 75,000 people live here – but there’s room for more, especially those looking for a place where they can be close to nature, other people and the rest of the world.

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