When you study in Sønderborg, you’re surrounded by career opportunities. The city boasts a unique collaboration between the university and the business community, which means that you can complete e.g. final year projects and dissertations with a company. That’s what Frederik Lund did and it led him directly to his dream job.

Study life

“For me, Sønderborg was the obvious choice right from the start”, says Frederik, who is originally from Svendborg. He wanted to study engineering, and that took him further south.

“I visited Sønderborg as part of a bridge building course at high school, and I remember the city being both beautiful and welcoming. And it was a clear advantage for me that the Mechatronics degree was offered in Sønderborg as it is a field of study that includes all engineering disciplines”, he says.

Sønderborg also offered many valuable benefits, such as the housing guarantee, which ensures that there is always cheap housing for students. The lively but cosy atmosphere also appealed to him, because Frederik can immerse himself in both culture and nature here, so he quickly felt at home. There are many interesting companies in the area, and he was never in any doubt about the goodwill and investment in the students during his studies – from both the faculty and the business community.

“From day one, the city’s many relevant companies introduced themselves at the university’s various excellent events. The opportunity to use the university’s facilities has also had an influence on me. We were free to use the laboratories as needed, for example, if we had small projects going on outside class”, says the newly graduated engineer, who is now employed by the same company with whom he wrote his dissertation, BITZER Electronics A/S. The company develops, produces and delivers energy-efficient products within the field of cooling, heating and ventilation.

From its Sønderborg address, BITZER Electronics employs around 140 employees, 70 of whom are engineers. As an Embedded Software Engineer, Frederik works with underlying code for the deep function of control systems – all to create the most energy-efficient solutions possible for customers and business partners.

“It was really great getting to know the company in depth during my undergraduate studies, because it gave me a clear advantage when I later applied for a job. After all, they already knew me and knew what I could do, so it has given me a really good start in my working life”, says Frederik.