Research shows that it is far easier to attract people back to an area they remember well than it is to attract people who have no connection to the area. That is why GOTO Sønderborg has created ‘Sønderborg Born’ – a special effort aimed at potential ‘homecomers’.

Sønderborg is a great place to live. We want to make sure it stays that way in the future. This requires a large number of committed residents who contribute to creating a vibrant and attractive municipality. And research shows that those who are most likely to move here are those who are also from here, because they already know the area, they have fond memories of it, and they may still have a strong connection to it in the form of parents and networks.

Therefore, GOTO Sønderborg created Sønderborg Born – a forum for all the lovely people aged 18–35 who moved away from Sønderborg to study, work or explore – but who we’d love to see return. In the forum, we create a lot of opportunities to visit home, have great local experiences, connect with companies for study projects and much more.

It’s just like with old friends – you always stay in touch and are happy to see each other again.