GOTO Sønderborg is an independent business foundation whose purpose is: “to generate economic growth and increase employment in Sønderborg Municipality by developing opportunities to live, experience, study and conduct business in the area for the benefit of non-profit interests”.

The GOTO Sønderborg Foundation was founded by the Bitten and Mads Clausen Foundation in collaboration with Sønderborg Municipality at the start of 2022.

GOTO Sønderborg is located in Videnshuset on the waterfront.


Sønderborg Municipality aims to be a green international development hub where we work together to create a sustainable future locally and a pioneering image nationally. This is how we ensure that Sønderborg is one of Denmark’s most attractive municipalities in which to live, work and study.


GOTO Sønderborg aims to strengthen local pride and commitment, and to increase awareness of the area among people who don’t know it – so that they feel like becoming part of our international green community. By doing this, we contribute to creating economic growth and increased employment in Sønderborg Municipality.