ProjectZero’s new director is one of Denmark’s most knowledgeable people when it comes to the green transition. Brian Seeberg has over 30 years of experience in energy and sustainable development, and he is looking forward to his new job.

Work life

“It’s fantastic to be able to lead the green transition in Sønderborg and to help ensure that we reach our next goal. I’m very much looking forward to turning the opportunities that come with the green transition into business, development and growth so that we can create more jobs while also reducing CO2 emissions,” says Seeberg.

Brian Seeberg has an impressive CV with solid experience as senior vice president and head of Cowi’s energy business and role in the green transition, along with multiple board positions, including for the Confederation of Danish Industries’ community for the energy sector: DI Energy.

ProjectZero will make Sønderborg CO2-neutral

ProjectZero was established in 2007 with the aim of helping Sønderborg become CO2-neutral by 2029. In the intervening period, the energy consumption of e.g. industry, buildings, transport and lighting has been streamlined, and wind and solar power is being used to a greater extent. In fact, CO2 emissions in Sønderborg have been reduced by 52 % since 2007. So the plan to become CO2-neutral by 2029 is on track.

“That the project is going so well is due to the whole community backing it up. Citizens, businesses, educational institutions, the municipality and politicians are all committed to making Sønderborg CO2-neutral. We don’t see this to the same extent anywhere else in the country, so Sønderborg and ProjectZero are completely unique on the climate front and when it comes to making a unique effort,” says Seeberg.

International lighthouse project

Since its inception in 2007, ProjectZero has been supported by a joint city council and has been appointed as one of Sønderborg’s so-called lighthouse projects. These are ambitious projects that support the city council’s visions and strategies for the municipality.

“Sønderborg and ProjectZero have a model that demonstrates effective conversion in practice. Sønderborg has a unique selection of green and energy-efficient solutions that can be directly replicated in other cities around the world. We need to be even better at marketing it because this will lead to more orders and more green jobs. The climate issue is not only a difficult issue, it’s also a means of growth in a society “, says Seeberg.